Why Glover Russell, P.A. Should Draft Your Will


1. Right the First Time!

Your Will is your plan for the future.  It is one of the most important documents you will sign. Every decision you make in your will affects your family's future.  We have the experience to prepare your Will to tailor it to your unique situation. Have Glover Russell, P.A. prepare your Will the right way, the first time.

 2. Mistakes are Forever!

Mistakes are not only costly, they can be irreversible. Unintended consequences may result in family disputes that may never heal.  The expenses associated with challenging a Will can be tremendous compared with the cost of hiring a professional to draft it to begin with. Have Glover Russell, P.A. prepare your Will to give you the security and peace of mind knowing that what you have worked hard to accumulate will pass under your Will to the ones most important to you.  

3. Life Changes Mean Will Changes!

When life changes, so should your Will. Marriage, Divorce, Children, Death, Retirement, Elder Care and Wealth Changes are just a few life events that should trigger a closer look at your Will. Glover Russell, P.A. will counsel you regarding those life changes that may require a change or changes to your Will.