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What Is a Forensic Accountant…. and Why Do I Need One?

There are many types of professionals utilized by lawyers to enable them to perform their jobs efficiently, accurately and successfully. One of those, which many are unaware exist, is a Forensic Accountant. Forensic Accountants are not the atypical “accountant” or...

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Let’s Talk About Dying

At last check, the subject of dying was not high up on the list of topics to discuss over Sunday dinner with the family. In fact, most attempt to avoid discussing it regardless of the venue or timing- simply, there isn’t anything “fun” or pleasant to attribute to the subject.

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Powers of Attorney and Avoiding Financial Abuse

Many individuals use a power of attorney as a very useful tool for planning purposes due to its simplicity, convenience, and flexibility. However, for these same reasons, if the wrong person is appointed as agent under the power of attorney, this person can also easily abuse or misuse his or her powers.

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Why Glover Russell, P.A. Should Draft Your Will

Your Will should be tailored to your unique situation. When the stakes are high, the last thing you want is an error in your Will. These errors usually don’t manifest until after your death and the consequences can be expensive and even devastating. The cheapest option now is not always the best option. Let us help you ensure your intentions and wishes are clearly communicated and no questions exist at the time of your death.

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Has MDOR Assessed a 300% Sales Tax Penalty Against You?

The Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR) has the authority under Miss. Code Ann. § 27-65-31 to assess a 300% penalty on all sales tax collected during the course of business that a taxpayer does not remit to MDOR. If you have been assessed or threatened with the assessment of the 300% sales tax penalty by MDOR, please call our office today and let us help you.

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New Rules for IRA Rollovers

The Internal Revenue Service recently made an important change to its rules for IRA rollovers. Be sure to review these new rules before making any changes to your IRA, so you aren’t surprised with unexpected tax consequences.

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Opportunity for an Amended Return

Recently, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled against the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR) in its attempts to collect over $4 million from Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.

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Do you have to probate?

Just like with everything else concerning the law – it depends. When someone dies in Mississippi with a valid will, the legal proceeding for distributing the decedent’s assets is called probate; otherwise, if no will existed, the proceeding is called administration of an intestate estate.

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