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Tax Problems and Planning

The firm actively works with businesses and individuals in solving their tax problems or addressing their tax planning needs. We are experienced in all areas of federal, state and local tax law. With a master of laws in taxation and as a certified public accountant, Mr. Russell has dedicated his professional career to providing advice and solutions with respect to tax issues.

Our firm represents clients in tax matters ranging from individual, corporate, partnership and estate tax matters. This may include assisting individuals in IRS audits, estate planning, or the purchase or sale of a business. We provide advice with respect to tax consideration when choosing the legal entity in which to conduct business; such as a corporation, LLC or partnership. We also provide tax advice to businesses with respect to retirement and health plans, purchase and sale of assets, and restructuring or reorganizing the business enterprise. If tax exemption is the objective, we will assist you with forming tax-exempt or non-profit entities. We will work closely with you if you have encountered federal, state or local tax problems. This may include IRS audits or notices of tax levy or lien for failure to pay employment taxes, income taxes, or trust fund penalty and Mississippi Department of Revenue audits, levies, or liens for failure to collect sales tax or remit employment taxes, whether before administrative agencies or the courts.

Our attorneys will assist you in matters such as:

  • Federal taxes
  • Mississippi taxes
  • Corporate, partnership, individual, shareholder and member taxation
  • Estate and trust taxation
  • Corporate, partnership, LLC and individual tax planning
    • Capital gains
    • Income tax
    • Estate tax
    • Gift tax
    • Corporate tax
    • Partnership tax
    • Individual tax
    • Retirement distributions
    • Employment tax
    • Withholding tax
    • Property tax
    • Ad valorem tax
    • Sales tax
    • Like-kind exchange
    • Tax-free reorganization
    • Tax-exempt entities (nonprofits)
    • S Corporations
  • Tax problems and controversies
    • Internal Revenue Service audits
    • Department of Revenue audits
    • Tax assessments
    • Tax liens or levies
    • Administrative tax appeals
    • IRS seizures
    • Tax relief
  • Tax refunds
  • Tax credits
  • Tax litigation
  • Low income housing tax credits
  • Employee benefits and retirement plans
    • 401K plans
    • Pension plans
    • Profit sharing plans
    • IRAs
    • ESOPs
    • VEBAs
    • Audits

When you need a law-firm in Jackson, Mississippi experienced and knowledgeable in business, tax, ERISA and estate matters, please call our office at 601-709-7000 or contact us online so we may assist you.

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