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The term ‘forensic’ refers to the application of scientific methods and techniques in the investigation of a crime or a legal issue. Therefore, forensic accounting is often required when an issue is being litigated and a financial argument needs to be decided in a court of law. A forensic accountant is trained to investigate and solve complicated financial cases combining a depth of specialized expertise with a distinctive outsider perspective while providing the resources and facts that support a successful case resolution.

Our attorneys are skilled specialists at unraveling financial and compliance puzzles for individuals, businesses, nonprofits and governmental entities using precise processes and a systematic investigation of data. Usually called upon to assist with a search for the facts and for a truthful conclusion after some sort of devious or fraudulent financial activity has, or allegedly has taken place, we work on bankruptcies, divorces, asset misappropriations, financial statement fraud, contract disputes, damage calculations, shareholder disputes, and a variety of corporate internal inquiries. We assist people who have been accused of fraud, often finding evidence to counteract fraud charges against those who have been accused of wrongdoing, whether in a divorce case, business litigation or criminal matter.

Leveraging the expertise of the right forensic accountant can help you achieve a more favorable outcome in your case. By offering these valuable services in house, we can streamline services to our tax law, real estate and business law clients when conflicts or obstacles arise, meaning that our integrated services approach to tax law and business law problems pays off for our clients.

The skilled attorneys at Glover Russell, P.A. frequently provide forensic accounting services to outside professionals such as private investigators and family law attorneys at other law firms. Family law attorneys quite often need our help to track down and analyze hidden assets in high-asset divorce cases, and assist them as part of the process of business valuation on their client’s behalf as our forensic accounting services include an in-depth, detailed examination of documentation of financial transactions to determine the worth of a business.

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case and make recommendations. Once we understand your needs or the needs of your client, we can explain how our forensic accounting services can support your legal objectives. Please call our office at 601-709-7000 or contact us online to learn more about our forensic accounting services.

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